Is this legal?

Are AI-generated calls legal?

Initiating AI-generated calls, whether pre-recorded or live, is legal under the compliance with our Terms of Service. It is crucial to use’s services responsibly and not for defrauding, harassing, or harming anyone, or to wrongly obtain anything of value. The use of to contact emergency lines, health care facilities, government agencies, or any other restricted entities is strictly prohibited. Our service prioritizes the crafting of calls that are entertaining and benign. For detailed information, please refer to our Terms of Service.

What about recording calls?

Recording laws vary by state. Some states allow recording with consent from one party involved, while others require all parties' consent. If you initiate a call through, you must obtain the necessary consents based on your state's laws. adheres to state laws regarding call recording, and users must comply with these regulations as outlined in our Terms of Service.

Does allow Caller ID spoofing?

Caller ID spoofing, when done with intent to deceive or harm, is against federal regulations. employs Caller ID information responsibly and in full compliance with the law. Any misuse of our services for fraudulent purposes is a violation of our Terms of Service and strictly prohibited.

Can recordings be shared on social networks?

Sharing recordings on social networks must be done in accordance with our Terms of Service and with respect to privacy laws. By posting any recordings, you confirm you have the right to share that content and agree to indemnify against any claims related to such postings.